Graylog does not yet support multiple LDAP backends

After upgrading to graylog 2.1, I ran into an issue where my LDAP config was not showing up and when entering a new LDAP config nothing saves. Digging through the log files, ran across a log entry indicating:

“Graylog does not yet support multiple LDAP backends”

Since Graylog no longer stores the LDAP in a flat file, we need to dig into Mongo to resolve this issue.

By default, using Mongo enters the Test DB, so we need to define the database to enter after the Mongo command:

 sudo mongo graylog 

MongoDB shell version:x.x.x
Connecting to: graylog

To Verify the DB we are now connected to:



We now drop the LDAP Settings Collection to resolve this issue. True indicates the collection was found and dropped and false indicates the collection was not found:



We can now go back into Graylog and re-enter the LDAP configuration and it should save this time