Horizon View Client DPI Scaling

I recently ran across an issue with the Horizon View client, on a Surface Pro 3, where the icons and text were so small they were unreadable. I tried the usual fix of checking the disable display scaling on high DPI monitors checkbox, but to no avail. This check box has helped in the past, but isn’t fixing the issues with VMware Horizon View client.

VMware has a registry key that can be added to fix this issue once and for all. This key only works with the 3.4 version of the Horizon View client and enables an experimental DPI Scaling feature.

KEY: HKCU\software\vmware, inc.\vmware vdm\client
Value:  DWORD:  EnableSessionDPIScaling 1

1 = on
0 = off

With this key added, when you connect to a desktop, the screen scales properly.

12 thoughts on “Horizon View Client DPI Scaling

  1. Stephan says:

    Hey im new to vmware, not very good with computers, what folder/file do i add this key.


  2. vick says:

    Thanks a lot….It worked

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  4. Timothy Antonius says:

    Great! Thanks a lot. This works.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Thank you for this tips, very helpful !

  6. Ananth says:

    works great on my Win10 surface book. Without your workaround it would have been impossible for me to work from home.

  7. EUREKA….your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.

  8. David Barger says:

    Do you add the key to the virtual machine template?

  9. rhys says:

    Can this applied to the local machine so all users have the fix?

  10. Carol Corman says:

    Will this work for 3.5 version of the Horizon view client?

  11. Joe says:

    Thanks for this. Adding this key working in my 3.5.2 client to resolve the same issue

  12. chris says:

    thanks help me out using surface book

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